The Maha Co is about authenticity, creativity, and the fusion of our interests. Founded in 2021, we grew Maha Co from an idea one fateful night while eating homemade dosas with nutella in Rajid’s home. We had also noticed a gap in the local F&B scene for healthy and fast-casual Mexican food. So we decided to create a place where we could have it all. At Maha Co, we take our love for Mexican spices, street tacos, and bite-sized eats, and marry it with the Indian flavours we grew up with. 

We believe nourishing oneself need not be expensive, and affordable food need not sacrifice quality, taste or nutrition. Each dish is intentionally crafted, from the roast pork and Mexican slaw dosa-taco to the crispy chicken and cucumber yoghurt dosa-taco. Every ingredient is carefully sourced, and our dishes are slow-made (our dosas are prepared using an overnight process and made every day). There are no shortcuts to the food we serve. We also proudly source craft beers from local breweries to sell quality drinks and support our F&B economy.

In this eatery, we bond with friends, celebrate art and innovation, and host a growing community for creatives in digital art, music, food, and more. At the end of the day, we’re just here to have a good time while appreciating the flavours we love. Stay loco.

- Rajid and Quan

Rajid (@yungraja)

Yung Raja is a Singaporean rapper and songwriter recognised for his bilingual rapping style — performing rap music in both Tamil and English. Through his unique rapping style, Yung Raja has amassed fans in both Singapore and Malaysia.

A strong advocate of plant-based lifestyle, Yung Raja aims to promote healthier living through MAHA.CO.


Founder of Gorilla Press

Gorilla Press was founded in 2013 by Quan Ong, formerly in the finance industry. Led by a keen pursuit to optimize one's health and performance through natural means, Quan started experimenting with boosters and fresh juices to create ready-to-drink beverages. 

Gorilla Press has established itself in the last few years as Singapore’s trusted cold-pressed juice brand. 

An evolving menu of Indian and Mexican cuisine

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Find us here!

Nexus @ one-north
1 Fusionopolis Link, #01-04, Singapore 138542

Mon - Sat: 1030am - 830pm
Sunday: 11am - 7pm

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